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About Hope

HOPE MAXWELL is a Reiki & Synergy Master, Frequencies Performer,  Movement Specialist and the Host of worldwide podcast The Hopeful Spirit. She integrates her own disordered life experiences and dis-ease in the body with intuitive wisdom, a positive outlook and hard work. Her no-nonsense approach is helping to inspire thousands of people around the world by providing a path to hope, self realization, freedom, truth and well-being .

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 Dedicated to opening hearts, sharing information and helping people begin to look at life through a more mindful and "whole-listic" lens. 

As the spirit of the collective consciousness grows, so does the need for guidance

Hope offers retreats and one-on-one coaching opportunities throughout the year. 

Online classes and free content are uploaded to her podcast and YouTube channel often. 

She provides a creative space on her podcast and collaborative events for thought leaders, influencers and holistic practitioners.

Weekly classes in the studio are focused on yoga and meditation. 

Monthly meetups are designed for self love and self work. 

Meet the Team

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