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Limitations Meditation Script

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

I'm going to start with a quote :

Rumi~ "The world exists as you perceive it .

It is not what you see... it is how you see it .

It is not what you hear ... It's how you hear it.

It is not what you feel .. but how you feel it. "

Close your eyes and begin to settle into your most relaxing position, melting your whole body into the mat.

Allow your breath to deepen and everything about your being become soft.

Feeling the heaviness overcome you.

Let go of all of the tension within your body including your hands face and eyes.

The focus of this meditation is about going beyond limitations , changing our perceptions, How we hear see and think.

Taking away the walls we build within ourselves.

Moving forward.

Bring your awareness back to your breath, deeply inhaling and exhaling.

Slow and easy.

Bring into your mind's eye something you desire , hold it within the thinking mind and think of anything that stands in the way of this desire.

Using your breath release the stress, tension, or fear that surrounds the limitation of your desire.

Acknowledge that you exist on more than the physical plane.

Allow and ask for guidance, this can be from whatever your belief system involves. First ask your higher self , or subconscious, then if you have any angels , past loved ones, gods or deities.

Request for any harmful habits or patterns within you to be broken and guidance in creating new ones.

Visualize the warm feeling of love and gratitude filling your body from the crown of your head to the tips of your toes.

Now repeat this to yourself :

I accept myself for who I am .

I realize at times I might feel stuck because of a physical or emotional limitation.

I know that if I change my perception of the limitation I will see it in a different light.

Then I will be able to move past this wall.

My body has the power to change and heal itself

Beyond that my mind and universal consciousness are a marvelous source of divine energy.

Begin to bring yourself back to your physical body, feeling the mat beneath you.

Become aware of the room around you

Scan your body for any sensations that may have presented themselves to you.

Begin to press your shoulders into the mat , wiggle your fingers and toes .

And when your ready open your eyes.

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