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Get Started Meditating

Meditation is not always as easy and peaceful as it looks , or even what we have been programmed to think it looks. So the first thing I’m going to tell you is drop all your expectations about what this experience should look, feel and your response to it is . The comments I hear repeatedly are :

  • “I can’t get all of my thoughts to stop coming into my mind “

  • “I can’t just sit there for a long time mentally “

  • ”my back ,legs, neck hurt sitting in easy pose”

  • ”I get distracted by everything around me “

  • “I’m not making progress”

Setting yourself up successful practice is important for a solid foundation.

Joining a class near you or online will keep you accountable consistently practicing and advancing. This is what one of our class meditations look like in the studio. Sometime there just isn’t a place for you to do it. Having a supportive community group has worked for many people .

Tips for setting up a successful meditation practice

  1. Drop your expectations (we have been programmed an unrealistic perception)

  2. Accept that this will take time and where your starting from (a thousand mile journey begins with a single step)

  3. Allow everything to be as it is

  4. Make sure are undisturbed (tell your family to leave you alone, silence your phone ,& long the door)

  5. Find a comfortable position (sitting or lying, use a pillows or blankets ) and be ok with allowing your body to settle

  6. Do a little at a time and increase your time as you go (start with 5 minutes ,then 10 minutes and so on)

  7. Be consistent ( do it no matter what)

  8. Find a voice or sound that really resonates with you (YouTube Spotify Itunes all have free recordings)

Here for one of my free meditations:

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