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Is Transformational Coaching for you ?

It seems with the “big C”  and the social economic issues impacting us, there is a rise in physical disharmony, and mental health issues are at an all time high. 

The narrative is being swayed so quickly back and forth. People are experiencing extreme highs and lows, and it’s hard to get and stay motivated…but it’s time to gain control of our lives again . 

Truth is that there are no shortcuts, and the only way past something is generally right through it . We really are the only ones who can choose to manifest our reality. 

Let’s find some balance and some peace. 

What does transformation mentoring look like? How do you know if it’s for you? Or, will it even work?

First, let me say: if you think it’s going to be easy; It won’t be .

Take everything that you expect about coaching and delete it .

Are you willing to invest in yourself?

This means establishing healthy habits and routines. This could mean adding or subtracting movement, food choices and mindfulness activities.

Self realization is also a part of the program.

Are you willing to get to the root of your behaviors and discover a part of yourself that you haven't looked at for some time?

Are you ready to deal with self-soothing patterns and behaviors head on?

Honesty, acceptance, and radical realism is a huge part of The Hopeful Spirit.

Next , I want you to know that it is SO worth taking the steps! Although a big part of this program is healing on many levels, I don't want you to feel like you’re "broken.” We all suffer at different levels.

There is hope, a great deal of joy, and health along the way .

The Offering

In the thick of all this, I’ve created a few resources that are not only free, but offer great tools and information on where to begin. 

The Hopeful Spirit Podcast is now streaming on major platforms.

Below are the links :




I am now taking applications for private transformational coaching .

Application process starts now, and will begin September 1st.

Are you are seeking to make significant changes in your life? Through some core elements and modalities that are proven to work, this is available in-studio and also online.

One of the biggest excuses I hear is time.

Online classes AND 1on 1 sessions eliminate the travel and the stress of traffic, as well as distance.

Have you reached burnout? Or, are you dealing with a high functioning stress? Or even depression or anxiety?

The Hopeful Spirit is an offering that supports your path.

Individually designed to create a successful transition, I only open these spaces a couple of times a year. This is a special opportunity for personal growth.

I’m very excited to work closely with this group and we will explore a living practice of movement, body wor,meditation, EFT, biofeedback, self realization techniques. and sound/energy work .

Now, are you ready to invest in yourself?

Please contact me and say, “I’m ready!”

This will get the application process started with a 15 min compatibility call.

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