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Meditation Tips

Meditation isn’t always easy .

The statement I hear constantly is “ I can shut my brain off .“

First thing I will say is you won’t , but let’s slow it down and become aware of what is coming in and out . To gain some control.

Secondly it does take practice, something I’m sad to say people aren’t allowing themselves to do. There is no instant gratification here .

And I get it , a lot of you feel like there is a one size fits all “way to do it”.

Truth is if you can get yourself distraction free enough to just sit , it’ll happen.

The trick is setting yourself up for that .

How do you ?

• create a conducive space for quiet time

• movement is suggested before that way you settling your nervous system

• make sure you have your notifications and ringer off all devices

• place your body in a position you can become still in

Sometimes this means you need someone to help you get there.

Or you need to find an external place ( outside your home ) if it feels like chaos .

This is an example of a sound healing session @_hopefulspirit_

Know that if you spirit it signaled to you that you need meditation there are always resources .

I have some short meditations minis on my podcast on the hopeful spirit

#meditationtips #createspace #thehopefulspiritpodcast

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