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Updated: Jan 8

It's was awesome to see you guys online! I always feel "reset" after we are finished! I'd like to talk about what's coming up !

Welcome to December, I'm positive that November was just as fast as a blink of the eye.

This month you will go through ups and downs, have times of great clarity as well as some mental fog .

Take this month to "reset"

I've noticed you guys have slowed on the lesson portion of the coaching, this was to be expected.

The holidays are very bustling and wonderful! I encourage you all to practice awareness.

Awareness in all it's levels.

Focus on each conversation as if it's the only thing you hear. Experience the "feel of the room " and how each individual's personal energy effects the group.

Spend time understanding how the energy impacts your bio electric field.

December is a month of reflection, recalibration and rest. I know this sounds counterintuitive but if you check in with yourself you'll notice a lot of these thoughts running in the background. Our social construct is trying to keep us busy and maintaining consumerism.

You're being asked to reflect and refocus, while reminding yourself of your progress.

In the meeting we discussed the importance of realizing what is in our influence of control.

Make sure to take time to get understand what you have the power to control.

Answer the following:

  • What aspect of your circle of control are your strengths /weaknesses?

  • Are there areas in your circle of mind influences that you feel impact you negatively? Why?

  • Externally what's your biggest fear/s?

  • Do you need to make any changes to shift anything in these three circles ?

Moving forward:

Make a list of thing's you want to change as we move into a new cycle.

Our next meeting is scheduled for December 30th at 7pm mark your calendars .

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