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Self Care Sunday

Happy Sunday! Just a reminder that it doesn’t have to be Sunday’s but it does need to be some days.

As caregivers , nurturers and more we often forget to make times for ourselves. When this doesn’t happen this there is a energetic deficit that begins to build up.

Here some tips on getting your time and energy back :

Schedule your time, and keep your appointments with yourself. I use Google calendar for my appointments and I insert these personal dates for myself to remind me.

Communicate your needs with your family and your circle of friends, sometimes people don’t know you need this time.

Delegate chores, activities and items on your “to do” list, to take the pressure off your responsibilities

Understand that self care doesn’t involve spending money.

Read a book, stretch ,take a nap , try a breath work session,float in a natural body of water, take a walk in nature,indulge a candlelit bath with essential oils,create some art and meditate. These are just a few examples.

Realize that self care isn’t selfish, I’ve met so many people who often feel guilt when doing these things for themselves. If you feel this way it’s important to acknowledge these emotions and explore through journaling or self reflection.

Enjoy #selfcare #knowthyself

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