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Setting Boundaries For Self Care

Finding the time to implement self care , healthy practices or quiet time seem impossible sometimes.

Especially the way technology has intertwined into our lives . Burnout and the sense that there is not light at the end of the tunnel are familiar feelings.

A lot of times the CEOs and nurturers of our families we take on all the responsibilities and forget to allow help from others .

I remember having the feeling like “ let me just do this( insert household chore) because I can do it faster and better. This can turn into hopelessness ,anger and resentment in some of our relationships.

What ends up happening is you become the one that does it all . Leaving you with no real time.

This same scenario can happen in your career setting , wether your the do it all entrepreneur or climbing the ladder to your dream job.

Setting boundaries can be difficult especially if you don’t like asking for help or you the perfectionist.

Here are few tips for changing your mindset and setting healthy boundaries:

  • Learn to say no - your not obligated to say yes to everyone. Really be ok with telling someone that you really don’t want to do (insert request) .Although this may seem harder with your family at first, you find you have more time. This is great time to teach new skills to your partners and children.

  • Delegate Chores & Tasks - Clearly delegating chores and tasks, especially beforehand saves your effort and time. For example if your kids know they are expected to wash dishes right after school or better yet after eating .Or you partner knows it’s their responsibility to deposit your business end of day funds on Tuesday .

  • Communicate Clearly- Make sure everyone is very clear about what they are responsible for . Let family know when you in need of quiet time , or feeling certain emotions. You don’t t have to go into detail . You could say something like “ I’d love to help you ,but right now I need some quiet time “ or “ I hear your request, but I’m not in the right headspace for this conversation “ People are not always sure what your feeling in particular, so find ways to let them be aware.

  • Make list - wether it’s a short list of what to get from the store or ideas you have for creating effortless ways to save time at work . List are a great way to find clarity and get things out of your headspace.

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