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Take Action

This week with Spring Yoga , your encouraged to take action .

As we all have to adjust to the fluctuations of our lives, your being asked to take action for something in regards to change.

Here are 5 things you can go right now to take action:

•Take a moment to think about something in your life you have been working on ,wanting to accomplish, or just fix. Once you narrow it down . As a form of intention write it down in the form of an affirmation or message to your self. Something like “ I have enough time to do yoga everyday “ or “I will watch,listen or engage in something positive each day “

• Create space - this is can mean physically or mentally. Clean out your email and unsubscribe to junk mails. Change your notification settings , declutter something. Having distraction and clutter can be overwhelming. Tackle one small thing today .

•Reflective communication- Do you have a situation or person that brings about a negative or heavy feelings when your with them /it ? Reflect only positive forms of communication when spending time around them. Never engage in gossip or speak negatively . You notice a shit in energy when dealing with these situations. Show as much compassion as you can but with truth.

•Get 100 with yourself- Sometimes we just give so much to others that we don’t think about ourselves. Spend some time solo. Date yourself in a sense, take a long walk in nature, plan a spa day , go to a movie by yourself. Put on your pjs all day and sleep as long and as much as you want . This will help recharge your battery and boost your mood.

• Movement is key, out bodies are made to move.Energy can stagnate. Your body will take the form of whatever shapes you put it in the longest. So if your at a desk 8 hrs a day, guess what your doing to your body ? Take a fitness class , get a Thai massage , swim or dance .

It takes about 40 day to change a habit . Are you ready to feel better? Be in a better mood? Be more positive and loving ?

Not all change is easy, but there are lots of resources online and off . No excuses.

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