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The Ya But’s

Touching base with you all !

First to wish you happy family time in the next week.

Reminder to stay grounded and present.

There will be lots of energy being thrown around with different levels of intensity.

Experiment with noticing of these differences.

Enjoy but don't overindulge, satisfy all your senses with awareness.

During this time listen to yourself as you speak to people or even within you own self talk.

Anytime you hear yourself saying "yes,but" Or "ya but" .Use this prefix to check to make sure your not generating excuses for someone or something. Or worse prolonging the inevitable.

Talk to yourself through your journal about what these traditions, rituals, obligations and other feelings.

What's are the best things?

Is there something you dred?

Have things changed over the years ? What's effected this ?

What are you expecting?

Spend some time each day moving your body !

Also mark your calendar! online meeting is 7pm November 30th

Be Love ! 💗🙏😁

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