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Who the F$*k are you ?

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

How does it feel in the quiet moments when you left with nothing but your thoughts?

Is there a stirring deep below the surface? Do you feel the a nagging tugging at your spirit that says “there has to be more “ or ”something is missing “ .

Our society has created the great disconnect. It‘s distractions are coming at us from all angles. We are pounded with work stresses,home,work and media.

So even if your able to find a peaceful place to just have a few seconds to yourself you can’t shut off the external noise. Furthermore, we have been programmed to always be doing. Running errands ,caretaking and working.People literally are putting health on the back burner. That is until a crisis in the form of mental,physical or spiritual breaks it.

Your reading this blog because you feel something, your body or soul is trying to tell you something. Signaling to you like “ hey something is changing in me “and “you need to pay attention to me .“

So why aren’t you?

In my experience all these distractions and the overwhelming thoughts create this disharmony. The majority of people just don’t know where to begin. In yoga we teach self realization though movement ,meditation ,breath and contemplation. Traditional yoga does this though the eight limbs of yoga, but that’s a whole other blog.

This path does not offer an instant gratification or rewards. It‘s a path of well-being, balance and intuition.

Something important to remember is that the evolution of culture happens and some of those ideas need to revisited and explored in a modern sense. Before we jump into a yoga philosophy lesson. Let‘s just begin to ask ourselves a few questions.

*side note journaling is a great way to keep track and look back on yourself,though all types of emotional states and events . It does have to be an everyday thing, but it’s super helpful *

Ok, now let‘s start by asking yourself this question:

If you had no limits what would you be doing right now ? You don’t have to worry about money , your family , your job . Anything you heart has desires ,and ever wanted to do.

Allow yourself to just write. No judgement. Have fun with this entry. If you’d like a visual representation of your thoughts you can star a vision book. Print, cut and draw these things.

From here we will begin to look within and have a starting point.

Until next time.

I’m posting regularly on my podcast

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Be Love & Namaste !

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